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Are penis extenders safe to use?

Men with small penises often live in the fear of being ridiculed by their peers and being unable to satisfy their romantic partners in the sexual department, and they are in the constant search of ways that will allow them to solve this small problem on their own. Over the years, there are probably thousands of products sold to gullible men all over the world, with each and everyone of these products promising to deliver visible results in the soonest possible time. However, most of these products have disappointed their users-either they did not deliver the results they promised, or they simply are not effective. The penis enhancement market is a million-dollar industry mostly dominated by pills, tablets, and capsules made from natural herbs or some fancy chemical concoction that only empty the pockets of the people who have been buying them in the hopes of having a bigger penis as soon as possible.

Penis extenders are a less popular way of enlarging the penile shaft (that will ultimately help the user get over his deepest insecurities about his genitals), but they are proving to be highly effective. Unlike the other penis enlarging devices in the market, penis extenders promised-and have proven-to deliver permanent results. However, there are a lot of customers still hesitant to get in on this rising trend-mainly because of the fear that using penis extenders can do more harm than good.

We have recently finished our X4 Labs review and research, and we have found out that yes, penis extenders are safe to use-given that the one you will be using is manufactured and sold by a reputable company like X4 Labs. Unlike penis pumps (which is probably the most famous “penis enlarging” device of the last few decades), penis extenders do not use vacuum, which will only provide temporary results that will eventually be gone once the erection it caused has subsided.

Penis extenders are probably the most natural way of lengthening and thickening the penile shaft-it applies a consistent and sustained traction to the muscles found in the penile shaft. The tissues are consistently pulled to allow them to grow longer and bulkier, giving the user a proportional increase in the size of his penis. This is like working out the penile muscles, and the results will last the user a literal lifetime.

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