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 Bigger penis

I have never been happy with my penis size. Even as an adult I have felt self conscious that my size and have often wrecked relationships with my paranoia. MaleExtra has helped to change all that. I tried their nutritious pills 6 weeks ago and I have already noticed a significant difference in my penis size. Even my ejaculations volumes have doubled which has been great for my sex life. Ryan Mills, Account Executive, USA, Chicago


 Harder erections

In the last 6 years I have found it increasingly harder to maintain an erection. Mid performance my penis would always suddenly become flax and 60% of the time I wouldnt be able to recover it. Luckily my wife is understanding, but unsurprisingly this has dented my confidence levels.

I heard about MaleExtra from mate at work and figured I hadnt got much left to lose, but the difference this dual action system has made to my erections is incredible. Their penile training exercises in particular have helped me to train my penis, harden my erections and triple my sexual performance.
Phillip Reagon, Store Manager, UK, Edinburgh


Multiple orgasms

I have experimented with jelqing in the past, but have always got frustrated when hours later my penis returned to its original size. I began using MaleExtra 2 months ago and love the effect this dual action system has had on my love life.

The exercises are incredibly easy to do and only 8 minutes long, meaning there is not much prep work. Yet the difference these simple exercises have made to my penis size still leaves me in shock. So far I have managed to increase my penis size by 1.9 inches, but my favourite feature has to be the multiple orgasms. I have always wondered what my wife was on about, but now I totally get how truly satisfying they are. Thanks MaleExtra.
James Long, Gym Instructor, USA,
New York

Bigger ejaculations

Where to start... I began taking MaleExtra 6 weeks ago and the results have been fantastic. Aside from being incredibly easy to use, these nutritional pills when combined with their penile training exercises make it the ideal male enhancement product.

Already my ejaculation volumes have tripled, my penis has increased by over an inch and my partner cant keep her hands off me. With MaleExtras support it wont be long until we hear the patter of little feet. Thanks!
 Chris Mills, Store Manager, UK,

 Increased control and virility

Your penile training exercises are so simple, yet so effective at increasing your control. Your dual action system has done wonders for my sex life as I am now able to maintain an erection for longer, produce more ejaculate and keep my girlfriend 100% satisfied. Boosting my penis size too has been a complete bonus. Andy Speil, Web designer, USA, Michigan


 Treatment for premature ejaculation

I cant describe how embarrassing it is to ejaculate when you have only just got started. I have had a few understanding partners in the past, but constantly having to apologise and watch their disappointment is gut wrenching. I have tried jelqing and traction devices over the years, but none really offered a long term solution. Yet after trying MaleExtra 3 and a half months ago, I have already noticed a significant improvement in my penis size, ejaculation volumes and my lasting power. I hardly ever ejaculate early now much to my girlfriends satisfaction and hopefully I should soon be rid of it for good. Steven Neale, Law student, UK, Birmingham

Cured erectile dysfunction

I began using MaleExtra 5 months ago and I can confidently say that erectile dysfunction is no longer a part of my life. I have struggled to keep relationships over the years because of my problem, but with the support of MaleExtras PenisHealth exercises I am now the one in control of my sexual satisfaction. Toby Cullens, Developer, USA, Connecticut

Bigger penis

Even when I have an erection, my penis has never really been much to look at. In the past I have experimented with penis pumps, pills and exercises, but it has only been with MaleExtra that I have been able to achieve permanent noticeable differences. In a month my erections were firmer, my stamina had increased and I felt more in control of my performance. But the real winner for me was the boost MaleExtra gave to my blood flows and penis size. So far I have managed to increase by penis by an inch when flaccid and 1.6 inches when erect. I cant wait to see where Ill be in 4 months. Thanks. Rob Davies, Solicitor, UK, London

Harder erections

The hardness of my erections has always influenced the strength of my orgasms and ejaculate volumes. The less firm I am, the shorter I last. When my partner suggested I try MaleExtra I was a bit sceptical, yet after doing further research and looking into their clinical trials I felt confident it could help. And it has! Their penile training exercises in particular plus their nutritious pills have really helped to harden my erections and boost my stamina no end, thanks guys.Jonathan Ball, Marketing assistant, USA, Boston

Better than

MaleExtra is better than and that is saying a lot. Since hitting my 40s my erections and sexual stamina have waned, yet being a sexually active guy I have tried a number of methods to enhance my performance. MaleExtra has helped me to do just that with none of the risks, dangers or soreness that accompanies . It has even helped me to increase my penis size by 1.5 inches when erect! Definitely one I would recommend to others who are looking for 100% natural enhancements. Richard Clarke, Lawyer, Australia

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